Interpol Wanted Notice for Eliseo Soriano

A while back I surfed on down to the Interpol website and learned a few things about this organization.

The “Interpol is the world’s largest international police organization with 187 member countries“, the Philippines being one of them. The organization was created in 1923 to facilitate cooperation, support and assist in combating international crime.

One of their most information activity is global law enforcement, one of which is the apprehension of fugitives.

According to their website, “Fugitives, as a result of their criminal activity, pose a pervasive threat to public safety worldwide. Fugitives are mobile and opportunistic. They frequently finance their continued flight from the law by further criminal activities, which respect no traditional political or geographical boundaries and may result in criminal charges in more than one country.”

They say fugitives undermine the justice system. They describe fugitives as those who have been charged with a violation of the law but have not been arrested because the fled or escaped to avoid prosecution. When fugitives flee, victims are denied justice.

They classify 7 types of notices, one of which is a Red Notice. Though it is not an international arrest warrant, a person with this notice are wanted by national jurisdictions or the country where the crime was committed, and Interpol’s role is to assist in identifying and locating this person with a view to their arrest and extradiction(sent back to the country where the warrant was issued).

The Interpol maintains an official Wanted Fugitives list and this information may be copied and distributed.

The person with these notices should be considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. To able be to prove their innocence, they have to surrender and let the wheels of justice run their due course. In other words, face the music.

Any member of the public who has information on the location of the wanted person must contact the local police.

The Interpol has a link to search for wanted fugitives. I played around with it and found out 26 people of Philippines nationality are on the list. The youngest was 22 and the oldest was 65 years old. 8 of them where women. Some of them I’ve heard about, like Eliseo Fernando Soriano.

Interpol Wanted Poster of Eliseo Soriano

Interpol Wanted Poster of Eliseo Soriano

Soriano has multiple legal cases against him including sodomy, falsification of public documents and libel. These are well document in newspaper reports:

Though he should be presumed innocent until proven guilty, there may be some strong evidence that he is really guilty. So although he yells and screams and accuse the Philippine justice system of corruption and unjust, this may just be a smoke screen and he does not intend to face the courts because Soriano himself is sure he will be found guilty by the evidence. Take a look at this Youtube video

This video plays what sounded to be Eliseo Soriano’s as he’s preaching to his followers. I don’t know if it’s boldness or sheer stupidity but here’s Soriano saying to a number of people that he bribed a couple of government officials. Here’s the translation:

Soriano: Now, where can you find a fiscal(a public prosecutor), who called and says “Bro Eli, I have the paperworks. And the response of your lawyer, including the response of the Iglesia is also here.But don’t worry. I will dismiss the lawsuit against you because is lawsuit is nonsense!”.

Soriano: Fiscal, can I have a copy? He said “Yes, I’ll give you a copy.” He gave me a copy. A signed copy. So I was contented. In my gladness I asked him, “Fiscal, is there a favor I can do for you one way or another?”

Soriano: the Fiscal said “Just remember, my wife’s birthday is coming up.” This is true, there Attorney Rosal. he’s my witness if I’m lying or not.

Soriano: the Fiscal said “you can just buy it for me”. So I told someone to ask how much the birthday would cost. They said two hundredd and fifty thousand birthday(250,000 pesos). I gave it to him.

Soriano talking to his listeners: You didn’t know this because I haven’t told you. Now you know, that the just for the fiscal, corruption is huge. 250,000.

TV host talks about another instance of Soriano’s bribery:

Soriano: I applied for a TRO(Temporary Restraining Order), brothers. The lawyer asked me, “Do you have bribery money to get the TRO?”. I said I’ll borrow some.

Soriano: I borrowed bribery money. This is the truth. The Lord in heaven knows this truth. It’s the truth, I bribed someone P500,000. I gave it to the lawyer.

Soriano: I did not know to whose hands did the lawyer gave the money for the TRO. When the TRO was issued, the judge inhibited himself! We lost! Do you see brothers?

Soriano: They asked for P500,000 pesos then you lose? What is that?

As you may see, Soriano does not have any qualms about bribing public officials. It both funny and sad that in the second part, he obviously got played.

With Soriano in hiding, one cannot wonder and ask how he can oversee his followers and continue to deliver his message. Well, he is now reduced to blogging and websites. And as is with his doctrines, he is characteristically undecided what website to promote. There were at least 7 websites that I know of that promoting him, not to count some by his shills. That is all well and good, except there are websites like this one which gives the readers the other side of the coin. For Soriano to effectively and finally clear his name, he needs to surface. Until then, his name is tainted and there is no hope to salvage his refutation.