7 thoughts on “Iglesia ni Cristo: from national to global in 40 years.”

  1. Hindi maikakaila ang maningning na tagumpay na narating na ng Iglesia Ni Cristo sa kasalukuyang panahon. Hindi rin maikakaila na sa lahat ng organisasyong pangrelihiyon, ang Iglesia Ni Cristo lamang ang tanging relihiyon na matatag na nangangalaga sa kapakanan ng kanyang mga kaanib sa buong mundo. Magsaya ang lahat ng mga hinirang. Nalalapit na! Kaunting tiis na lamang! Purihin ang Diyos!

  2. I respect your right to exercise your faith specially that you are celebrating your church’s anniversary. I would even like to say “kudos” for the strong brotherhood of your religion. However, i hope you could manage your anniversary well with regards to zoning etc. You see, it caused Heavy traffic in areas where you had your celebration. In the SLEX traffic was humongous and unmanageable. Imagine people who got stuck and pestered by the traffic jam, mostly people from work. You got stuck for more than 5-7 hours because buses and other rented mass transportation are scattered all over the main thoroughfare. No parking area was provided for the participants and most just parked their cars and rented buses in areas where it would block the traffic. God is a God of order, right? I hope next time you local kapilya’s and destinado’s and ministro’s would coordinate with the local traffic bureau so that your participants would be provided a secure/safe, orderly and large parking spaces so nobody, including your members would be caught in a traffic where you would not know when you gonna be moving..i mean no offense and i hope you would take this matter objectively…thanks and more power to you.

  3. Thank for the kudos, however half-hearted it may be.

    With regards to the “zoning” you are talking about. That really is not a problem of the Iglesia, similar to when Catholics parade their idols, or El Shaddai’s public exhibition or even Villanueva’s rally, that is the problem of the government. Granted that their numbers, even combined are paltry in comparison. Any group wishing to gather in a public place are to first coordinate with public officials, which the Iglesia did. You seen this before, 20 years ago during the 75th anniversary of the INC. You didn’t learn from your experience. You and others like you belittle the Iglesia ni Cristo all the time, calling it a small sect. When the Iglesia show’s it’s number, and not even it’s total number, you complain because you were inconvenienced. You should have headed the call of government officials and stayed home.

    Anyway, it’s only one day. I’m sure you’ll survive.

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